Elusive Suffolk Artist "The Hat" presents a selection of his latest work.

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"Power 2022" to be auctioned in February

As part of their Art Deco auction on 20th February, Clarke & Simpson will be auctioning "Power 2022" with proceeds going to Halesworth Men's Shed.

Suffolk Libraries - PAWS-itivity

Each of the 45 libraries will have a Labrador dog sculpture decorated by a local artist which will then be auctioned in October to raise vital funds for Suffolk Libraries. Included in the auction will be "Lily Pond" by The Hat

You never grow out of it! - Bidding closes at £750!

A classic one-off piece, created using my sons' old skateboard. Now available as part of the "Artists on Boards" initiative helping to open the first indoor skatepark in Waltham Forest.

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"Inflation 2022", which was donated to The Red Cross, is available on eBay. Bid now! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185547823301

The Hat, September 2022

"Glad you like it!". The Hat recently donated "Combustible 2022" to the amazing Suffolk Mind charity. Check them out on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfq2uG0ITO0

The Hat, July 2022

I am really pleased to hear that "Guitar" has raised £2000 for the Old Jet Airspace Programme. You can find out more about their great work on The Old Jet Airspace Programme website.

The Hat, June 2022

Great news, "Its Behind You" has raised £480, with Clarke & Simpson generously topping this up to £1,000, I doff my hat to you all.

The Hat, June 2022

BBC Radio Suffolk featured "The Hat" again this week. "Its Behind You" is up for auction with Clarke & Simpson. Bid now!

The Hat, June 2022

Combustible 2022

Donated to Suffolk Minds

Inflation 2022

Donated to British Red Cross

Originally sold for £950 over two years ago, this cymbal has recently since been resold at auction for £3,200.

The Hat, May 2022

Crisis 2022

Donated to The Froize Inn

Power 2022

Donated to Halesworth Mens Shed

Kindness 2022

Donated to Pear Tree Fund, Halesworth

BBC Radio Suffolk featured "The Hat" last week. Look out for the Clarke & Simpson auctions soon!

"The Hat has been at it again!"

"An incredible painting"

The Hat, May 2022

"Yes Or No" has been taken to a safe place by the Stop Sizewell C campaign, they hope to use this to riase funds, look out for more details.

The Hat, May 2022

The Black Dog in Halesworth has a very special, custom, piece. How did he I do it?

The Hat, May 2022

I've been busy at the Black Dog, Halesworth. "Puzzling Times" has been donated and is currently on display. This may be auctioned in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for something else special appearing at the Black Dog!

The Hat, May 2022

"Guitar" is a one of a kind piece, following on from the 2020 collection of Cymbals. This has been donated to Printroom Studio for auction.

The Hat, May 2022

"Yes Or No" has been donated to the Stop Sizewell C action group. I have often walked my dogs along the beach and hope this peice can be auctioned to riase funds.

The Hat, May 2022

"Can You See It" has been donated to The Salvation Army in Ipswich, look out for details soon.

The Hat, May 2022

In an effort to help raise much needed fund for Ukrainian Refugees, The Hat has donated "It's behind you" to BBC Radio Suffolk - listen out for auction or raffle details soon.

The Hat, May 2022

I have heard that Framlingham Library are trying to raise fund for major roof repairs. I have taken the oppurtunity to donate 'Lily Pad' to them, look out for a auction or raffle soon!.

The Hat, May 2022

Bid now on 'Lucky 7' to help raise much needed funds for My Wish! Find out more on the My Wish Charity website.

The Hat, June 2021

'Skydance' has been donated to St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich to help raise valuable funds. Further details will be posted soon!.

The Hat, May 2021

You never grow out of it!

A classic one-off piece, created using my sons' old skateboard.


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"2021 has thrown up many challenges already, but like you all I hope brighter times are on the horizon. I've been humbled by the response to my work and the causes it has support. Look out for new pieces in the coming months!"

The Hat, March 2021

'Strange Times', donated to Art For Cure last year will soon be available to purchase and help raise valuable funds. Keep an eye out for details!.

The Hat, Jan 2021




Donated to St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich

Just A Walk In The Park

Inspired by a walk in the park, between lockdowns, with my grandchildren.



The Flower

Painted in 2015 to celebrate Valentines Day


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The Missing Piece 2020

Two unique pieces of artwork



Lucky 7


Donated to GeeWhizz

In My Bubble 2020



2020, What A Mess



Puzzling Times


Donated to Black Dog, Halesworth

Pockets of Infection



Find The Dragon



I Like Them



Red, White & Blue 2020



Put the Lid on the Virus



Wild Meadow






It's my birthday

This very special piece, to celebrate my birthday, contains a secret. Hidden inside the back is information which reveals my identity. It has been left outside a charity shop in Holt. Whoever is lucky enough to acquire this piece can choose to reveal the identify of "The Hat”!



Donated to a Charity Shop, Norfolk

Suspicious Minds



An Englishman's Home Is His Castle

£ Charity

Donated to The Oyster Inn

I'm A Star

£ 2000

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"Really Boris"


Sent to the Mirror Group, London

Strange Times


Donated to Art For Cure, Woodbridge

All over The Place



The Decision Has Been Made



Out Me 'ead





Donated to RNLI in Fowey




Matchstick Men

£ Charity

Donated to NSPCC in Halesworth




We Are Going Too Fast



Click & Collect


Sold To Private Collector

Please Sir, Can We Have Some More

£ Charity

Donated to Waveney Foodbank

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